Terms and Conditions of al-x concert promoter GmbH, Bregenzer Strasse 71, 6900 Bregenz/Austria, Tel +43-664-4021717, UID ATU57702212

Section: Backline Rental


The German version of these terms is binding.

The rental period for the equipment starts on the agreed-upon pickup or delivery date and ends on the agreed return date.

All offers (whether by phone, fax, internet, email, SMS, or otherwise) are only valid for al-x / Backline-Service when confirmed in writing.

All services provided by al-x / Backline-Service are exclusively based on these terms and conditions.

The agreed rental period must be strictly adhered to. Any extension will be invoiced for each additional day, including a 50% surcharge.

Upon handover of the rental items, the accepting person's signature confirms that the rental items are in a functional, flawless, and complete condition.

Any technical malfunctions before or during use must be promptly reported to al-x / Backline-Service.

No rental reduction is possible for unused or surplus equipment.

In case of unforeseeable technical malfunctions, efforts will be made to find a solution promptly. Costs and claims for damages arising from sudden unforeseeable defects cannot be transferred to the lessor.

Any interference with the rental item is prohibited.

The tenant is liable for all possible damages and losses to the rental equipment throughout the entire rental period (including damages caused by third parties, known or unknown persons, weather influences, power supply problems, etc.).

Repair costs resulting from improper handling are solely the responsibility of the tenant, regardless of the cause - the tenant must indemnify the person causing the damage. al-x / Backline-Service reserves the right to choose the appropriate workshop and type of repair in case of damage.

Renting to third parties is expressly prohibited without permission! Parents or legal guardians are responsible for children and adolescents.

The cancellation fee for orders already confirmed in writing is 25% of the total order for cancellations made 14 days before the start of the assignment, 50% for cancellations made 8 days before, and 75% for cancellations made less than 8 days before.

The total rental fee is due 8 days after invoicing unless otherwise agreed.

In case of payment default, a 12% late payment interest, plus statutory VAT, applies.

The client undertakes to reimburse any reminder and collection expenses. The place of jurisdiction is Feldkirch.